Beaumont United Church


The Beaumont United Church opened on June 25, 1925 in the first year of the birth of the United Church of Canada.  Originally Methodist, plans to build this church began in 1916. Construction was carried out by volunteers for nine years, between the lull of the fishing seasons.  George B. Paddock, a master builder, directed the project constructing the spire and the communion rail using a hand lathe (1930).  Jonas Cole supervised the cement work for the foundation. The Methodist women helped to raise funds needed for purchasing materials.

The church still stands today.  Its stained glass windows reflect the history and pride of those that have passed through its doors.  Many still come back to this church to exchange wedding vows, blessings and baptisms.

When visiting the island be sure to walk the steps of the United Church as it offers an amazing view of the harbour.  If you come at the right time you may happen upon a special service or a viewing from the quilters guild from Long Island.